Sunday, April 14, 2013

Graybull Wines now distributing craft beers!

We are excited to announce beginning this month that we will be one of the few licensed wholesalers in Indiana to be focused on family owned wineries and now craft and regional beers.   Here are the first two beer brands to be launched over the next couple weeks:
  • Butte Creek Brewing:  A line-up of handcrafted award winning earth friendly organic ales and lagers.   This brand was started in 1998 and recently Mendocino Brewing took over the production and sales for the US.   The line-up includes a Pale Ale, Porter, IPA, and Pilsner.  The entire line is certified organic by CCOF.  Visit their webiste at : 
  • Celt Beers: Celt Brewery is located in Caerphilly, England (Wales).  They are a cutting edge brewer producing a range of organic craft beers bottled in an award winning bottle design.  Their fantastic website  emphasizes the lore of local druid spirituality integrated with the "art of beer".   The beers are all USDA organic certified and are only distributed in 9 states.  Their line-up includes Pale Ale, English IPA, brown ale, and porter.
We will continue to slowly add brands (organic and traditionally brewed) that are appropriate for our size company and most importantly represent great value at reasonable prices.  We welcome recommendations and references via email at sales @


  1. Thanks for posting this blog....:-)
    Please feel free to click here for Welsh Wine Vineyards

  2. Hi! I was wondering where in the Indy area I might be able to find the Arizona Stronghold Tazi. I had it at a restaurant a while back and fell in like with it!

  3. Thanks for your interest. "Tazi" white blend is available at Cork and Cracker and Mass Ave Wine Shoppe in Indy. Also available by special order at most liquor stores (just mention Graybull Wines is the distributor).

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